Wednesday, October 27, 2010

more PC drama

So my motherboard I mentioned a few days ago is working well, but I've discovered that the GPU crashes whenever I boot a GPU intensive program (SCII, GW or Aion). Because of this, I've been battling with EVGA customer servive. They've had me jump through many many hoops and do some testing at home before they let me send it in. It seems like such a waste of time because I knew from the start the GPU was busted. They've had ben run tests for GPU overheating, run memory tests do GPU driver sweeps. I said no to testing a second GPU because I don't have one handy. After all those tests, we know what I knew in the begining, the GPU is, in fact, busted. Finally they've agreed to take it back via RMA, but right now they're doing invoice validatiod after I scanned and uploaded my original reciept. Pictured is my opened up rig.
I feel like they have all these hoops just to deter people from returning their products =/


  1. They do, it's part of their customer service. We have some like that too, lol.

  2. def sounds like a video problem. Those guys always make you jump through those hoops. :/

  3. That's exactly why the have those hoops! I'm glad you stuck it out and made them take it back. PS Your rig looks really clean and shiny, I like! (I used to build rigs as a hobby)