Sunday, October 31, 2010

What were you for Halloween!?

So I was rocking Supergirl for this year's Halloween. If feels like its been years since I've dressed up. In fact, it HAS been years since I dressed up. The costume was really cute. The party theme was superheroes, and there was another supergirl =/ Maybe I'll reuse my costume for ACEN next year since I'm not talented at making costumes. Is it okay to be a DC comiv superhero at an anime.manga conference? Towards the end of the night, the hosts' cat got out. We needed to go out and catch him before he got into the nearby busy road. It was really funny, all the superheroes "activated". Tony Stark used his glowy chestpiece as a flashlight as did Green Lantern with his ring. I was more or less useless in my heels (not really forethought THERE eh Supergirl?). Eventually the Professor (the one who made the Powerpuff girls) ended up pouncing and capturing the cat. It was all pretty comical after we were sure the cat wasn't going to end up roadkill.


  1. I was home and asleep. I was supposed to be a warrior, but since I ran the warrior dash on saturday I was too sleepy to go out and party on sunday.