Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rougey Rouges

I did really well in my first tournament. There were about 20 people that showed up and I placed fourth. Even though my deck didn't have any "broken" cards it worked well all together. Out of the 20 people, only three of us were women.The prize for fourth place was a stupid and cheap deckbox so it was kind of useless, but at least I have a momento from my victory. As promised, here is my decklist:
Creatures (21)


  1. Grats. I went 2-0 then 0-2 last night. Lost to a BAD player too, just nothing I could do. :( Always next week. :)

  2. Oh God, how many time is passed from my last Magic match? Dat game is great, great deck.
    Good luck sis.